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Gaming on Linux – RIFT

On my old Tumblr-Blog I described how to install/play RIFT under Linux with Wine.

With the new RIFT-Patch I wanted to test it again.

Note: For a good performance you need a realy fast PC. The hardwarerequirements for running Windows-Games with Wine on Linux are far higher than for Windows.

First of all i tried an install direct in Wine. But this failed. I wasn’t able to start the game-installer. Don’t know why it didn’t worked.

So, I used Play on Linux, which worked fine.


  • Intel i3770K (not overclocked)
  • Asrock Z77 Pro3
  • 8 GB RAM
  • GTX 670 2GB
  • Samsung 840 Pro SSD 128 GB (with 50/50 Windows 7 partition and Linux partition)
  • WD 2 TB Black HDD

Operating System:

  • Linux Mint 15 XFCE 64bit


  • Nvidia 310.44

Wine (installed and configured with PlayonLinux):

  • Installed in a 64bit-bottle
  • Installed in Wine 1.6-rc1
  • Installed vcrun2008
  • Installed dxfullsetup

Video settings (configured it in PlayonLinux):

  • GLSL : enabled
  • Direct Draw Renderer : opengl
  • Offscreen rendering mode : fbo
  • Multisampling : disabled
  • No need to edit any configfiles in RIFT.

Maybe the game shows an error that no required video-driver is installed. But that can be ignored if you have it installed in Linux without any errors.

What works:

  • Loginscreen
  • Video- and Cutscence-Playback
  • questing
  • addons

Not tested:

  • Dungeons and Raids
  • Installing the games directly from scratch. I used an existing RIFT-installation from my Windows 7 partition and copyied it to Linux and started it with PlayonLinux

What does not work:

  • Making videos from within the game – the games crashes


Adjusting the graphics quality doesn`t realy change performance. I tried low details and got about 20 FPS in Stormbay. With high details I got about 16 FPS. Out of the major cities the performace increases dramaticly. I got a up double to triple better framerate.

Addinonal info:

As you can see on the screenshots, parts of the enviorement looks a bit ugly because the textures produce sometimes failures and on the upper left side you see an black ghost of your character.

Happy playing 😉