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How to Backup your Amazon Ebooks – How to Backup your Amazon Ebooks

Late last year, Amazon reaches across the world and wiped a Kindle (belonging to a Norwegian lady) clean – disabling access to the 40 e-books which she had paid for. As it turns out, she may not have been the only one.

While the move was eventually reversed after negative press in the media, nobody wants to pay for an e-book only to have it arbitrarily taken away.

Here’s how you can backup your Amazon e-books so they can be read on any device.



The Anti-Media OC

2012: Only days after clearing Congress, US President Barack Obama signed his name to H.R. 347 on Thursday, officially making it a federal offense to cause a disturbance at certain political events — essentially criminalizing protest in the States.

Today: “The United States strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by Egypt’s interim government and security forces,” Obama said. “We deplore violence against civilians. We support universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. We oppose the pursuit of martial law, which denies those rights to citizens under the principle that security trumps individual freedom or that might makes right. And today the United States extends its condolences to the families of those who were killed and those who were wounded.”

Like I said…a puppet.

Blood in the Mobile is a documentary by director Frank Piasecki Poulsen.


Phones are financing war in DR Congo

We love our cell phones and the selection between different models has never been bigger. But the production of phones has a dark, bloody side.

The main part of minerals used to produce cell phones are coming from the mines in the Eastern DR Congo. The Western World is buying these so-called conflict minerals and thereby finances a civil war that, according to human rights organisations, has been the bloodiest conflict since World War II: During the last 15 years the conflict has cost the lives of more than 5 million people and 300.000 women have been raped. The war will continue as long as armed groups can finance their warfare by selling minerals.

If you ask the phone companies where their suppliers get minerals from, none of them can guarantee that they aren’t buying conflict minerals from the Congo.

The Documentary Blood in the Mobile shows the connection between our phones and the civil war in the Congo. Director Frank Poulsen travels to DR Congo to see the illegal mine industry with his own eyes. He gets access to Congo’s largest tin-mine, which is being controlled by different armed groups, and where children work for days in narrow mine tunnels to dig out the minerals that end up in our phones.

After visiting the mine Frank Poulsen struggles to get to talk to Nokia, the Worlds largest phone company. Frank Poulsen wants them to guarantee that they are not buying conflict minerals and thereby is financing the war in the Congo. Nokia cannot give him that guarantee.

Blood in Mobile is a film about our responsibility for the conflict in the Congo and about corporate social responsibility.

“Let’s be frank for a second. You’ve seen a lot of technology ads before, you know the kind: I say something like ‘Hi, I’m Peter, and I’m a music-lover’, and then spend a bunch of time telling you about some product that is good for that stuff? This isn’t one of those ads.

“Maybe that other device, or that other OS is great for music-lovers, but people are complicated: I am a music-lover, but that’s not all I am, and I’m prepared to bet that it’s not all you are either.

“The guys at elementary realized what a lot of others miss; they realized that I use my computer for a lot of different things, so they didn’t make just one thing better, they made everything better.

“Introducing, elementary OS. The people at elementary made everything about their OS quicker and easier; applications open instantly, and stuff just is where it ought to be. So whether I’m working hard, or playing hard, elementary OS has features to make it that much better.

“Hi, I’m Peter, and I’m a lot of things. And elementary OS was made for people like me.”

Get it now at

Thank you Peter for the awesome video contribution to our project.

Nobody Intends To Build A Wall

The German government told the public today that there are no reasons for panic.
Nobody is or will be surveilled by the CIA, NSA, MI5 or any other intelligence agency. We have a written confirmation.

OF COURSE, and if cops could fly, they would have no need for helicopters.

Hey assholes, how stupid do you think we are …?

They give a damed shit about German laws. And everything and everyone on this planet is under surveillance.


Pi (1998) – Darren Aronofsky

Well and truly announcing the arrival of a major talent in Darren Aronofsky, Pi channels many of the themes that have cropped up in his later work, paranoia and obsession to the fore. Co-writer Sean Gullette stars as braniac maths whizz Max Cohen, a man searching for a key number that might just help him unravel the mysteries of the universe, while also exposing him to serious attention from both Wall Street and a local cadre of Hasidic Jews. Jittery and stylish even given the low-budget limitations, Pi is numerics-meets-noir and remains superbly effective at playing with your assumptions. It’s a smarter-than-your-average indie debut.

As far as i know, this is the most viewed video in the early days of Youtube.