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arstechnica – “Onion Pi turns Raspberry Pi into Tor proxy and wireless access point”

Onion Pi turns Raspberry Pi into Tor proxy and wireless access point

“Foil the NSA and Prism with a Tor proxy,” Raspberry Pi Foundation says.

The do-it-yourselfers at Adafruit have provided step-by-step instructions for turning a Raspberry Pi into a Tor proxy and wireless access point. A good project for users looking to anonymize their Internet traffic, “Onion Pi” requires just a Raspberry Pi, a few standard peripherals, and some work in the command line.

via arstechnica

Porno Filter

Wired – “ISPs to include porn filters as standard in UK by 2014”

We can discuss if pornography is good or bad.

But that’s not the point.

Today they filter porn.

Tomorrow they will filter sites from political activists, government or capitalism critical sites and other unaccepted content.

So, if you disable those filters you will make yourself suspect.

You see the problem?

This is an attack on freedom and free speech, cause if you know you’re controlled and monitored, you will live in fear and stop asking and thinking.

But maybe that’s excact what politician want …

I’ve to make an excuse to the Linux Mint LMDE-Team

In my post “Linux Mint LMDE 201303 – problems on Asrock Z77 Pro3” i wrote that it’s not possible to create and use an extra partition like /home or any other with Linux Mint LMDE.

That’s wrong !

On the website LMDE User Guide – Installation i found this:

So here’s the tricky part of the installation, the operating system allocation, mountpoint definition, and filesystem type.
If you have already performed steps described just now (backup and defragmentation), you can choose to install the system near to the system already installed on hard drive (by selecting “Install along other operating systems, choosing at Start”), or you can choose whether using the entire disk (by selecting “Erase and use entire disk”) or using the existing partitions (by selecting “Manually specifying partition”) – ideal for those who already have a computer with other operating systems or for those who want a separate “home” partition.

If you chosse to manually specify partitions, gparted will be started. Create the partitions as you like, but DON’T allocate any mount-points , except the swap-partion (if you created an extra one).

Let gparted write your choice to the harddisk and close gparted.


Select it clicking on the partition, click twice on it to choose which filesystem you want (ext4), setting the mount point (/), and if you want formatting the partition.

Do this both for the root- and home-partition.

Now, continue with the installation.

Again, i regret my fault.

Linux Mint LMDE-Team you’ve done a great job !

If you have nothing to hide, you allready lost everything …

Gaming on Linux – part 1 – RIFT

I described in an earlier post that playing Windows-games like WoW, RIFT, SWtoR etc. with Wine on Linux sucks.
Yes, shure, but i’m no that kind of guy giving up so fast 😉

So, i tried a little bit out, and finaly i was able to get RIFT working with Ultra-Details and a good performance (not so good as on Windows, but playable without any pain).


For a good performance you need a realy fast PC. The hardwarerequirements for running Windows-Games with Wine on Linux are far higher than for Windows.


  • Intel i3770K (not overclocked)
  • Asrock Z77 Pro3
  • 8 GB RAM
  • GTX 670 2GB
  • Samsung 840 Pro SSD 128 GB (with 50/50 Windows 7 partition and Linux partition)
  • WD 2 TB Black HDD

Operating System:

  • Linux Mint 15 Mate 64bit


  • Nvidia 310

Wine (installed and configured with PlayonLinux):

  • Installed in a 64bit-bottle
  • Installed in Wine 1.6-rc1
  • Installed vcrun2008
  • Installed dxfullsetup

Video settings (configured it in PlayonLinux):

  • GLSL : enabled
  • Direct Draw Renderer : opengl
  • Offscreen rendering mode : fbo
  • Multisampling : disabled
  • No need to edit any configfiles in RIFT.

The game shows that no required video-driver is installed. But that can be ignored if you have it installed in Linux without errors.

What works:

  • Loginscreen
  • Video- and Cutscence-Playback
  • questing

Not tested:

  • Dungeons and Raids
  • Installing the games directly from scratch, i used an existing RIFT-installation and copyied it to Linux and started it with PlayonLinux

What does not work:

  • Making videos from within the game – the games crashes

Addinonal info:

As you can see on the screenshots, parts of the enviorement looks a bit ugly because the textures produce sometimes failures.

Happy playing 😉

Linux Mint LMDE 201303 – problems on Asrock Z77 Pro3

I’m currently testing different Linux Distros on my gaming-pc. On my workstation i’m running Debian 7 for several weeks now and it makes me happy.

The goal is to get rid off Ubuntu based distros on my gaming-pc too.
Because i think Ubuntu/Cannonial is more and more Microsoft and Apple than Linux and OSS.


Intel i3770K, Asrock Z77 Pro3, GTX 670, Samsung SSD 128GB, WD 2TB Black HD

Debian 7 Wheezy:

Installing was possible without any problems, but running the non-free drivers from Nvidia crashed the sytem.
Don’t know why. Maybe because my Nvidia GTX 670 cause problems …

Ubuntu/Xubuntu 12.04 LTS, 13.04 and Linux Mint 15 Mate:

No any problems

Linux Mint LMDE 201303:

But with  LMDE i got in trouble.

While booting the install-media (CD) i got the error:

linux mint lmde faild to enable MSI-X

After doing some search i found out that it’s a common problem with LMDE on several motherboards.

For example:

If you have both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports LMDE will get this error on some hardware.
So it’s strongly recommended to update your BIOS bevor installing LMDE.

After updating my BIOS the error is still there, but the installing process starts and i was able to finish it.
But the USB 3.0 ports are still not recognised.

On my workstation with an ASUS P8H77 the USB 3.0 ports are available on Debian 7 Wheezy … !?

During installation i got another bug.
LMDE doesn’t provide the option to mount and use a separate partitions for /home etc.

This bug is from the old version of LMDE, but it’s still there in LMDE 201303


I’m aware the people building this distro are doing it mostly without getting payed for it. So i’m very thankfull to them.

But in my opinion it’s not an excuse for those bugs. I maybe can live with non-USB 3.0-support on my gaming-pc, but a seperate partition for /home is an essential thing for me and maybe many others …


Currently watching “Rocky Balboa”.

Damn, i love this. I grew up with Rocky.

Microsoft and all the others – You’ve gotta be kidding!


You buy a car.
When you bought it, you are:

  • forced to buy fuel from a special patrol-station
  • not allowed to buy and use the tires and rims you want
  • forced to inform the manufacturer of your car when, where and how many people you like to drive within your car. If not, you don’t get the key to unlock it and the car wouldn’t start …
  • you are not allowed to go to a garage you want for repair
  • not allowed to lend the car to someone else
  • not allowed to drive faster than 100 km/h
  • not allowed to sell the car

you may extend this list as you like …

If this would happen, you would be very angry. And you are right !

Now think about:

You buy a XBox, computer, game, bluray, ebook et cetera.
When you bought it, you are:

i’m tired to repeat it over and over again …

I’m working in the media/film-industry myself.

I love my job, and i see some of the viewpoints this industry got about illegal copying etc.

But i’m a customer too, so sometimes i hate my job and this industry …




guys PLEASE do not buy the xbox one

do not buy any video game console that is so anti consumer and one that shuts out small video game retailers

I actually went on the official site and I read the rules

this is actually accurate, very accurate

Oh, here’s a list of reasons that I will never buy an Xbox One.

It’s an expensive brick without Internet and Kinect, apparently.